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Market Research Data Collection

Every client needs data about the consumer and the market for building successful strategies. Using our experience and expertise across the Middle East & North African region, we can help the client in collecting various forms of data i.e. primary data by speaking to customers and secondary research data through scanning of publicly available information. Our specialty lies in reaching out to every possible segment in society through any or all the means possible i.e. in person, mail, fax, telephone and web. Further, through rigorous quality standards that we employ in every aspect of our functioning, we ensure that we give clients data they can trust.

In mission critical projects, there is often a need for an additional level of quality check. This would entail an independent body evaluating the whole data collection process and ensuring that it meets global best practices in data collection. Additionally, there are times when data collection activities undertaken by other organizations throw up unexpected results. Even in such cases, there may be a need for an independent audit to ensure the sanctity of the data collection process.

Very often, organizations need to connect with individual customers for targeted messaging or distribution. With our huge data collection team, we can help your message reach the intended population i.e. through distribution of posters, pamphlets and even product samples for testing purposes. We can even follow up such activities with the right market research exercises.

Market Research Data Collection

Market Research Services are the mainstay of our organization. Within market research, data collection is the most prominent service in our portfolio. However, there are a number of other areas where we can assist clients:


  1. Data entry
  2. Data processing
  3. Translation services questionnaire, reports and other documents
  4. PowerPoint charting
  5. Open end coding & translation


Further, within data collection, our service portfolio spans:


Computer Aided Personal Interviews or CAPI Computer Aided Telephone Interviews or CATI Computer Aided Web Surveys or CAWI

Mobile Phone or Mobile App based surveys Mystery Audits


Focus Group Discussions In-Depth Interviews Family Group Discussions

Telephone Depth interviews or TDI


We also work with leading sample providers for online research in the Middle East and North African region. However, as we see, it will be a while before it becomes a practical and feasible data collection method. On the secondary research front, we have a good understanding of sources that need to be approached for specific data or permissions. This allows us to source data that may otherwise be difficult for our competitors. For e.g.


  1. CAPMAS in Egypt
  2. SCAD & DSC in UAE


In addition to these sources, we also have a good understanding of independent third parties that can supply specific data on industries like Business Monitor etc. So, whatever be your information need, you can rely on us for support.

Independent Quality Audits

The nature of market research projects vary considerably in their importance. While there may be many general projects conducted to enhance understanding of a certain subject, there are many mission critical projects i.e. projects which can have a profound impact on the existence of the company itself. In such projects, clients need an addition level of audit on data collected, so as to be absolutely sure of data integrity. While this exercise can be conducted in-house or by the existing agency itself, the involvement of an external agency gives it greater credibility.

As independent quality auditors, we provide the following services to our clients:


  1. Verifying the identity of interviewees who have been interviewed for a particular survey
  2. Corroborating data provided through physical evidence and additional questions
  3. Verifying geographical location of interviews
  4. Verifying data from market in case of price check surveys
  5. Making follow up calls to verify authenticity of interviews
  6. Confirming and corroborating research locations with GPS tag data


In case the audit service you require is not there in the above list, please feel free to reach out to us. We are constantly updating our services to serve clients better.

Direct Marketing

The process of directly communicating with customers is what we commonly know as direct marketing. It can occupy many shapes and forms e.g.


Local Area Sampling - Product samples for testing purposes within a specific geography

Micro Level Communication - Pamphlets and brochures to inform customers of an offer, new products, special discounts etc. Local Events - Marketing and promotional events organized at the local level

Endorsements - Manpower required for local / other events in any capacity i.e. guides, promoters, customer assistants etc.


Given our huge network of interviewers across nationalities and genders, we are in a position to undertake any of the above activities for our clients. To elucidate, we are pleased to highlight examples of some direct marketing activities we have conducted:


  1. Distributing advertising and brochures for a retail giant on a new hypermarket and introductory offers within its catchment area in Dubai
  2. Distributing product samples for a new packaging format of an existing juice brand and eliciting reactions to the new format Feel free to reach out to us if you need to know more about how we can help you in your direct marketing