The team at Future has immense experience across businesses with respect to all the services in our portfolio. In this page, we are detailing some of the examples for the perusal of our esteemed clients:





The client was planning to launch a new line of cosmetic and facial care products targeted at the evolved, tech savvy women across UAE and Saudi Arabia. For this, we developed a customized online platform wherein women blogged on a daily basis on their beauty regimen, commented on products, uploaded pictures and videos of their beauty regimen.


We recruited 50 women across UAE and Saudi Arabia to be a part of this platform for a period of ten days. The end deliverables to the client were creation of the platform with a third party software vendor, transcripts of discussions, tagging of images and videos and a management summary of the discussions in English & Arabic.



One of the leading television networks was keen on better understanding the football leagues across the world from the perspective of Arab youth. In specific, the client wanted to understand the popularity of European, Spanish & Arab leagues and the extent to which each of the major leagues were followed.


We conducted 8 focus group discussions and 1000 surveys across UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Egypt for this purpose. Our involvement was recruitment of respondents, arrangement of group / interviewing facilities, arranging moderators, transcribing discussions and providing a clean data file after all the mandatory quality checks.



One of the leading handset makers entrusted us with an activity wherein we gather customers at a central location. The activity entails customers checking a new handset for all the typical features of a mobile phone and the ease with which they can navigate through all functions.


Our responsibilities entailed gathering customers at a central location, signing confidentiality and 'no discussion' clause with all respondents and distributing appropriate incentives. The exercise also required us to organize specialized audio and video equipment to support the assessment process.