About Us

Future Market Research & Consulting is a recent entrant to the world of market research. But, the team behind it has an established track record of delivering high quality research projects across the MENAP region for the last two decades. The team owes its success to its complete adherence to values it believes in.


 In the world of information, integrity of data is the most important client requirement. The data we collect possibly influences investments worth millions of dollars. Hence, we have a moral and business responsibility to be extra vigilant about whatever we do.


 To get the right results, the right process has to be followed. Hence, one has to guard against taking shortcuts in the data collection process. All shortcuts usually end up affecting data integrity and hence, process rigor can never be compromised


 In today's competitive world, time is everything. Decisions not taken at the right time will end up negatively impacting our clients. Hence, through use of technology and process rigor, we ensure that data is delivered at the quickest possible to clients.

In addition to these three core values, we have other rules that we follow in the course of our work. These rules make an important contribution to the sanctity of the data collection process. First among these is the issue of cultural / market relevance of methodologies. We do not use any random methodology just because it has been successful in some other market. For example, online panels based market research has had tremendous success in other markets but in Middle East, it has not been as successful.


Even then, many local as well as international clients share the myth that online panels work as well in Middle East as anywhere else in the world. However, the truth is that it works only when the audience is very general in nature i.e. Housewives, Youth (without any complicated filters) or when timelines are not a constraint. The moment filters become complex or elaborate, success rates of online panels drop considerably,

Another rule that we follow in our line of work is to have the moral courage to refuse projects that we cannot deliver to international best practices. Rather than taking up such a project, we prefer to say no and lose the business rather than taking it up and not delivering it properly. This is due to the inherent belief that if we maintain data integrity, money will eventually follow. However, if money becomes the driving factor for business, then quality will eventually suffer, as we will be tempted to cut corners. So, when you decide to work with Future, you will always get the best that the industry has to offer. Our management team, headed by Hany Saleh, ensures that we live upto all these values and principles. These values and principles is what defines us as an organization

Hany comes with more than 25 years of experience in data collection activities across the Middle East and North African regions. He has traveled extensively across all these markets and has observed cultures from close quarters. He therefore has a good understanding of what works for a particular market i.e. the right methodology, the utility of online research, the alternative to door-to-door surveys, the mechanism to reach out to HNI customers etc. This understanding allows us to make pertinent recommendations to clients.


Hany has worked on research projects for a number of blue chip clients like British American Tobacco, Dubai Electricity & Water Authority, Etisalat, BMW, Mubadala, Daman Insurance and Abu Dhabi University. His specialty lies in planning an and strategizing large and complex data collection assignments, including multi country projects. Much of this is possible due to the quality of interviewer network that he has developed over the years across markets. His ability to get the best out of interviewers has helped us execute many complex projects over the years with the highest possible quality. Hence, unlike most other agencies, 75% of our business comes from regular clientele as they have blind faith in the quality of our services and people.

Mervat Said
Director Manager and
Marketing Research professional with 20+ years of Managing the field with experience across the MENA region. Specialize in combining deep cultural knowledge with modern data collection practices for insightful, credible and actionable information.Moderated more than 500+ Arab groups and 1000 IDIs.
She has completed many sector studies She has extensive experience in all qualitative and quantitative studies

Mohamed Youssif our Head of Translation and Transcription, we bring extensive experience of over 5 years in diverse market research projects. With a track record of successfully managing and conducting 2000+ discussion groups (DGs) and 1500+ in-depth interviews (IDIs), our team consistently delivers high-quality outcomes within challenging timelines. Mohamed and his dedicated team are committed to providing exceptional results that meet the highest standards.